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The Indian Restaurant Market is one of the fastest-growing in the world with 53,000 hotels and 70 lakh restaurants in the organised category. It is expected to reach INR 5.99 lakh crore by 2022-23, as per the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) report. A symbiotic growth between the food industry and the growing middle class has rendered the success of Indian restaurants. While the unorganized sector dominated the industry, much like others in the country, authorities need to constantly monitor and regulate the numerous unregistered street vendors who cater to the working middle class. Amidst the high food cost inflation in such a highly fragmented market, the success of the restaurant is determined by their profitability without compromising on quality.  

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The booming food industry has also attracted foreign direct investments to the country. With the advent of online food services, startups like Swiggy and Zomato had the highest investment value from Tencent, China and Samsung Ventures, Korea. Such entrepreneurial ventures backed by international interests is bound to intensify the competition and choice in this industry over coming years.

The unsafe food practices have had a huge impact on India as much as $15 billion. However, the reasons for the fall of costs incurred in the current year are several. It is a matter of pride that the country has eventually become conscious of food safety which relatively brought down the FBDs and costs. But, the economy still suffers with the current percentage of FBDs estimated in the country. 

The potential impact of food safety outbreaks on an FBO can be devastating. 

India has been at the front in recent years with its efforts to streamline the food safety regulations and hygiene in the country. The contribution of FSSAI in bringing down the adversities has been huge, because of the on boarding of several food regulations. With the strict actions taken against restaurants, FBOs, and roadside eateries it has been possible to achieve food safety in every corner of the country.

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Most nations in the world emphasise the importance of quality food articles and regulate the same by enacting stringent laws implemented at different stages in the processing and manufacturing of food. Though developed countries are much ahead in implementing legislation for food safety, it is an acknowledged fact that developing nations are still laggards in this aspect. Consumption of certain food articles in the market has more than often lead to serious health hazards, sometimes beyond repair. Hence there is an urgent demand and need for reform of the food and hospitality industry to ensure healthy and hygienic food to its consumers 

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VManifest visualizes that food safety is of utmost importance for human survival. We provide periodic safety and hygiene audit services and health check up services through the use of software/app assisted processes. We also provide testing services through the use of NABL accredited laboratories and regular training to various stakeholders through periodic programs. To compliment these services, we also give a platform for consumers to view said training and audit outcomes and provide feedback. These systems are manned by professionals who are experts in their respective domains.

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