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With the rise in Infectious Diseases leading to outbreaks and pandemics, there is an urgent need for early diagnosis and control before it leads to devastating consequences to human life and the economy. Out breaks in the past have crippled economies by impacting GDPS and shocking operational results of businesses globally. 

Emergence of new Infectious Diseases and subsequent outbreaks are likely to grow steadily. Between 1980 and 2012, 12000+ outbreaks comprising 44 million cases and affecting every country in the world were recorded. According to the WHO, 7000 new signals of potential outbreaks occur each month. 


Covid 19 has had a devastating consequence on lives and the economy. According to the IMF, the global economy is expected to shrink by over 3% in 2020 - the steepest slowdown since the great depression on the 1930s. 

Though Infectious Diseases are inevitable, the economic impact need not be dismal. Effective risk manangement for businesses should go beyond medical responsibility and include active Infectious Disease surveillance and better internal response. 

As expectations of corporate stewardship of natural and human resources continue to align with drivers of economic value, companies that respond slowly will find themselves increasingly at odds with customers, investors and workers.



The business community must step up now and play its full part in protecting societies from the rising threat of infectious diseases.

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VM Enterprise undertakes the challenge of this unaddressed necessity. Our primary aim is to ensure the safety and well being of the working population by building safe, high quality and secure ecosystems in the work place. 

Being one of the first-of-its-kind in the market, VM Enterprise acts to mitigate these risks and maintain productivity in your business. Knowing the impact of ID in your life and your business, Vmanifest has tailored a program to help you cope with the emerging and existing ID.  We aim to provide you with the tools to tackle the problem at the root through our surveillance services. 

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With these critical and scientific steps, we help better your corporate resilience and responsiveness to the mayhem caused by infectious disease.

Our medical doctors will conduct routine check-up and investigations of your employees and identify potential threats at the core. On top of this, we provide emergency tele-health services. Our doctors will be at your service 24/7.

Apart from medical services, we provide auditing services by our expert auditors and inspectors. We conduct audit of environment, infrastructure, stakeholders, canteen etc. to eliminate sources of infection and ensure your business is at par with international standards.

Regular training by leaders in the field of hygiene, safety and risk management will help you with the know-how to deal with this persistent threat. 

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