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Our Services are designed such that the food and hospitality industry will benefit from:


  • Satisfied customers, sustainability and improved profitability.

  • Getting food quality compliance certifications.

  • Ready-to-submit documented evidence and certification from VManifest to meet required compliances for periodic food and safety inspections done by government organizations.

  • Adherence to FSSAI mandates and international standards


Our Services are designed for the betterment of your businesses by helping you implement various safety standards and provide hygiene and medical support through training, health services and routine auditing. 


We provide

  1.  Periodic auditing and recommendation of necessary sanitation facilities.

  2.  Training

  3.  Food and water safety analysis, nutritional analysis 

  4.  Carrying out routine onsite medical check-ups and telehealth services

VManifest services

​The global food industry’s most competitive players know that safety is fundamental to success. No matter your position on the food value chain, your products and services must meet consumer, industry and regulatory safety standards. This requires a rigorous approach to food safety management.

Implement Food Safety with ISO 22000:2018

VM provides audit services that help you maintain safety standards within your organisation. App-based evaluation and record maintenance will help you with stringent control within and allow for traceability and accountability. 


Hygiene Rating Audit Scheme

FSSAI’s Hygiene Rating Scheme is a rating process which certify food businesses on the basis of their food safety compliance and allow consumers to make informed choices pertaining to food outlets they eat or procure food.

VM partners with its clients to implement and adhere to the Food Safety and Standards Act via its expert auditors and consultants. 


Our highly skilled training faculty right at your door step


Our specially designed training programmes are articulated to cover the entire scope of Safety and Security in compliance with the standards and technical workshops on management system standards, Business Excellence, soft skills, analytical sciences, laboratory practices.

Our training faculty consisting of Ph.D's and MBA's with years of experience in the field provide the classes at your premises.

The training is interactive with real world examples, case studies, exercises, question & answer sessions and experience sharing by the trainer. Our training program also provides an opportunity for participants from different sectors and industry experience and background to interact with others and share their experience and in the process, enrich their knowledge.

We provide FSSAI mandated Basic FoSTac training, and Advanced FoSTaC training.


Test your products in our laboratories to guarantee safety and ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Add value to your industry

  • Reduce the risk of recalls, returns and customer complaints

  • Enhance risk management and brand protection

  • Ensure your product is free of pathogens and contaminants

  • NABL accredited labs

  • High-quality services according to HACCP and GLP

The analytical services we provide include

  • water analysis for microbiological and chemical contaminants

  • Food testing for microbiological and chemical analysis

  • Nutritional Analysis to determine calorific and nutrient values

To assure the quality of our analytical services, we have qualified people and appropriated procedures to prepare your samples


All laboratory testing is in accordance with the FSSAI mandate


Employees are at risk of acquiring and transmitting a variety of communicable diseases including endemic diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid, hepatitis, influenza. The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest such threat facing employees worldwide. A vast majority of restaurants and companies do not have Business Continuity Plans to address the spread of communicable diseases in the workplace.

The unsafe food practices have a huge impact on India, as much as $15 billion.


Our doctors are diligent in their clinical examination and ensure that your food handlers and restaurant workers are healthy and free from communicable diseases. 

Our Health-Care services include 

  • Medical check-up by qualified doctors 

  • Blood work-up

  • Vaccinations against enteric group of diseases like Typhoid, Hepatitis A and other communicable diseases like Hepatitis B

  • Tele-health services

  • Health Certification

All services are designed to be in compliance with FSSAI regulations. 

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